Most effective handgun ammo?

Richard Mann;. This charge will come out of the barrel of a four-inch revolver at more than 1,400 fps.

Most effective handgun ammo?

Richard Mann;. This charge will come out of the barrel of a four-inch revolver at more than 1,400 fps. That means it generates more than 500 pound-feet of energy. That's enough to carry this excellent Gold Dot bullet to 16.5 inches, while allowing it to expand to 0.65 inches in diameter.

That is magnum recoilless magnum performance. This load recedes 14 percent less than. Although it was not as popular for personal protection as it was before the automatic gun fashion in the 1980s, the. The recoil is stiff with heavy bullet loads, but this 125 grain Sig Sauer offer won't break your wrist.

In the 10 percent artillery jelly, the bullet will penetrate about 16 inches and only exceed the minimum expansion threshold of 0.58 inches. Did you see the part where he said “carbine”? Or are you responding to someone else?. The 9mm magazine offers a higher load capacity than virtually any other pistol caliber you carry for self-defense. If the wounding capacities of 9mm and the other cartridges are almost identical, it seems that having more bullets in your magazine will give you a better chance of stopping an attacker.

If you want to get the latest and possibly best from CCW, consider the. It has little recoil, more energy in the mouth than a. Hornady, Winchester and Nosler are some of those that offer a wide variety of self-defense ammunition. Hornady's critical defense gives us a very impressive specification sheet that goes with it.

Invented in 1901 by none other than the legendary Georg Luger, the 9 mm Parabellum (or 9 x 19 mm, or 9 mm or 9 mm Luger) is one of the most prolific cartridges in the world today. But what is the best 9mm ammunition? One thing I often need to remind new gun owners is that life is not a video game. You don't have 100 hitpoints and 9mm doesn't deal 1D10 piercing damage per hit. Generally speaking, 9mm is designed for 4-5″ barrels.

Getting ammunition for barrels shorter than that is a niche application that has only recently been addressed in the market. If you use something smaller than 4″, you might want to check for some ballistic gel tests with your chosen ammunition. Common 9mm bullet weights normally available in most stores are 115, 124 and 147 grains. Loads of 115 grains tend to be faster and 147 are somewhat slower, even subsonic.

A good compromise is a 124-grain bullet, it is also very popular with the police and the army. In fact, NATO standardized a 124gr design. Defined as piercing or piercing something. The FBI standard (a good standard for living) seeks between 12 and 18 inches of ballistic gel penetration.

For example, a bullet weighing 115 grains at a rate of 1150 fps would produce 337.6 pound-feet of energy. Another good buy for 115-grain practice ammunition is the Remington UMC. Remington, as a company, has been struggling over the past 10 years, but it seems that we will soon see the brand come back into force. The Federal Train+Protect and is loaded with what is called a versatile hollow point (VHP) that weighs 115 grains.

It's also my favorite personal transport cartridge and my choice for the best 9mm self-defense ammunition out there. I keep my 9mm guns loaded with 124gr HST. I even keep my Ruger. In fact, the FBI has awarded Hornady multiple contracts for critical service +P ammunition in both 9mm and 40S%26W.

The only round on our list that uses a heavier 147-grain bullet, the PDX-1 has earned a great reputation. Bullet performance is an important factor in deciding viability as a defensive cartridge, but for me it's probably not the biggest. I'd rather hit first with a slightly lighter bullet than hit the second with a heavier one. In local defense situations, you're probably less than 10 yards away, so accuracy isn't such a big factor when picking up your loads.

Since there are billions of different pistols out there, it will be very difficult to compare all these calibers of pistols in terms of how they recede. What you choose as a handgun depends on your skill, ability to handle recoil and current loads for your caliber and choice of handgun. . .

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